Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Night With Page

I know i've mentioned Tricia and Page quite a few times on our blog. They, along Page's daddy Steve, are transplants to the Phoenix area just like us, and only know a few people out here. We are both always complaining about having no family to even get one night every few months to ourselves and how babysitters are so expenive it pretty much ruins the night counting the $$$ the sitter is racking up while you are gone. After a year of knowing each other we were finally smart enough to come up with the idea of trading date nights about once a month. Last night was our first try at it. They had offered to let us go first since our anniversary was this week (so sweet huh?), but we really wanted to see Secretariat ("we" as in Derrik... i'd much rather see the cute new Katherine Heigel movie, but I love my husband) that comes out this Friday coming up. So we switched weekends which meant last night was date night for Steve and Tricia, and our fun night with the kids. I told Ryder yesterday that Page was coming over to play, and he was beside himself he was so excited! He kept asking to "see" (look out the eye hole) for Page when the time was getting close. We caught them as they were coming up the stairs so I opened the door, and Ryder seriously almost tackled Page at the top of the stairs he was so excited to see her! Page is always with her mom just like Ryder is always with me so I know they were nervous to leave her wondering how she would handle it. She cried the second they walked out the door for about five-ish minutes, and that was the end of it. I promised to text Tricia as soon as she was fine because I know how it feels to get in that car and drive away knowing you need a night to yourself, but wanting to run back to your baby. I told her all was fine, and to go relax and enjoy herself.

The tears were gone and they were coloring in no time
We had promised to take the kids to McDonald to play at the playground so we decided to get ready and head out....

I came out from getting my shoes and Page says, "Danielle I put my shoes on"
How cute it that? I made sure to tell her she did an amazing job.... then put them on the right feet!
Ryder and Page playing together
See the third little girl in this picute? By the slide... She stood there blocking the entrance only letting her little sister though. Ryder got into a shouting match of "move"..."NO"..."move"..."NO" with her and after about ten times went and hit her!!!! I was mortified!!!! Honestly the girl deserved a good smack, but still... Ryder got a spanking and was taken off the play ground for a little while. Hopefully that was the last time we ever deal with that, but judging by Ryder's little temper... I doubt it!
Tricia and Steve:
This one is for you... that is Page getting ready to go into the slide way at the top!

When we got home I knew that Ryder desperately needed a bath! He had been outside earlier in the day playing hard and was a sweaty mess. Mix in some playtime on the nasty McDonald's playground, and I couldn't even fathom putting him to bed without cleaning him off. I wasn't sure how Page's parents would feel about her taking a co-ed bath so we opted for "swimming" in the bathtub, and I put them in suits. The kids thought it was pretty cool!
Enjoying a popsicle in the tub
Page's "i don't really like this" face
I had no problem finishing it for her :)
They were both laughing so hard in this picture
This one too
All Clean!
Playing in Ryder's room waiting for Page's parents to get there
Best Buds
It is one of my favorite moments as a mom when I see Ryder's face light up when he has friends his age around. Derrik doesn't get to see it often, but he truly enjoyed last night as well. He has only seen Page in passing a few times, and I think she really won him over last night :)
Steve and Tricia:
Thanks for sharing your little girl with us for the night. I know you thought we were "babysitting" her so you could have a night out, but we truly enjoyed it. We hope she comes back again soon!!!

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Tricia said...

SO ADORABLE!!!! Thank you so much for taking so many pictures! Page was telling us about "the mean girl" who got Ryder in trouble, but we weren't sure what she was talking about until now. Page had a great time and can't wait to come back. We look forward to having Ryder at our house this weekend.