Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tolmachoff Farms 2010

(Sidenote: I noticed my post about out date night earlier had a little negativity in it... this one might too. Currently I am fighting off a cold... or allergies... still not feeling great due to the pregnancy, am extremely tired, have a toddler with a cold/allergies as well, and a husband who has been working since eight this morning who only had two hours off to meet us at the pumpkin patch today. I'm just cranky... i'll try to stop being cranky soon!)

Every year I get super excited for fall right around the end of July. I get so excited about fall clothes, pumpkins in the house, halloween decorations, windows open, the smell of pumpkin pie, and apple candles... I love it! Most importantly though I ALWAYS look forward to the pumpkin patch!!! I always build it up in my mind to be way more then it ever is, and always the day we go really think to myself that i'm not going to let myself get so excited next year. I mean the last two years we've been in Arizona, and I think everyone knows the desert isn't exactly going to allow for a picture perfect fall. It has felt that way all week though. We've had windows open and enjoyed some cooler temperatures, but of course on our pumpkin patch day it decided to get warmer. We didn't see triple digits, but it was enough to make us sweat and for Ryder's cheeks to be beat red within minutes of arriving. I also ordered Ryder a super cute shirt for the pumpkin patch off of Etsy which according to USPS was delivered, but if you notice the shirt Ryder has on in pictures... it is obviously NOT the shirt I ordered, and is a Kohl's $5 special. The lady I ordered from was sweet enough to replace the shirt if I covered the shipping, but it won't be here until next week. A little late for the pumpkin patch!

So we arrived at the pumpkin patch. We all wanted to have a great time, but I honestly just wasn't feeling great (for reasons I said up above). We meet up with Steve, Tricia, and Page who were there a little before us and the heat was already getting to them. They stuck around for a little bit, but then needed to get home because the heat was not agreeing with Tricia's 7 months pregnant body. I don't blame here! I'm 10 weeks and way bigger of a baby then she is already!!! We went over to the first area with the baby chicks, and immediately we see a bee swarming Ryder's face. Of course it stings him. He handled it like a champ! He didn't even cry, and i'm positive he got stung because I had to pull the stinger out of his cheek. His cheek got a little white welt and turned even redder then the sun was already making them. He recovered great from the incident and we moved on...

I handed Derrik the camera to get a picture of Ryder and I with the chicks... and this was the best out of the three photos he took! Obvously he doesn't know how to flatter my figure!!! HAHA That is the only photo I have of me at the pumpkin patch so I hope you enjoyed the view!!
Tricia showing Page the baby chick
Love this picture... Tricia was trying to get Page to look at the camera so I could get a photo of the two of them and the chick decided to risk it's life and jump!
Tricia face is classic... haha

Ryder and Page about to go on the tractor ride
My Little Man
Before they took off he realized he was letting the woman do all the driving and asked to be in his own seat... think he was excited?
Off they go....
Tricia and Steve
They're back
Daddy and Ryder going through the mini maze together
Ryder making sure we were still following him
Checking out the view from the viewing tower of the HUGE family maze!
The family maze is seriously NOT for families!!! (Side note: Tricia be glad you guys left before this if your feet were already swollen!)We should have known when at the entrance there was a sign that said "Bring Water". They give you a paper with a six slots to fill in. You have to find the puzzle piece in the mailbox within the maze and tape it to the paper according to find your way out. We can do it right?! Yeah not so much. We only found two of the six puzzle pieces and instead used our best instinct possible to get out... about 30-40 minutes of it! We were also on a time crunch due to Derrik's work schedule today so we spent most of our time wondering around in corn... fun huh? This maze was not meant for families because all we saw were cranky kids, crankier mothers, and many fathers who all thought they knew the way out but were constantly saying "opps another dead end" while the mother and children whined again that they wanted out. Needless to say there is a little cheering when you see the end of the corn maze!!!

My boys finding one of the two puzzle pieces we found
Drinking some of that water they said you would need...
Of course they are conveniently selling it right at the end!
Onto my favorite part.... pictures of my boys with pumpkins. Lots of whining by me in this post, but I think I realize when I look at my pictures when I get home why I look forward to it every year. The pumpkin photos are my favorite photos of the year pretty much every time! LOVE THEM!!!

He still thinks they are balls and kept throwing them
Searching for just the right one
Daddy asking Ryder if this is the one
He approves!
BUT decided he wanted to take these ones home too...
so of course we got them.
We might have to try out pumpkin painting for the first time this year!

It was a hot rushed mess at the pumpkin patch, but honestly I did enjoy my time with my boys. I try so hard to just let the rest go and enjoy the moment because it's crazy to me that we are about to already celebrate Ryder's 3rd Halloween. I'm sure he won't be excited for the pumpkin patch too many more Halloweens. We are looking forward to our pumpkin painting, carving, and trick-or-treating in the weeks to come!!!

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Tricia said...

Loved the blog! You may have been complaining, but I was laughing the whole time. :) SO glad we decided not to do the corn maze. I don't know if I would have made it out except on a stretcher... having this baby 3 months early! :) Relax and rest tonight... feel better!