Friday, October 15, 2010


We've had lots of pumpkin stuff going on this week! I had never painted pumpkins before, but figured we'd give it a try this year with Ryder. Derrik wasn't overly interested in painting so I took them over to Tricia's house for the kids to do together. It didn't last long, we started after they had been playing for hours, and it was nap time! We're not the smartest Momma's sometimes, but for the five minutes it lasted they did a great job :)

Then last night Derrik decided we would carve the pumpkins. Between his baseball rehab, all the leauges he does football offiating for, and his basketball meetings starting up for the upcoming season he hasn't been able to be around much at night with us. He was excited to do something fun with Ryder (even if pumpkin carving wouldn't have been his 1st pick, but he know I was going to make him do it soon!).

Ryder watching Daddy... he was so clueless to what this pumpkin carving thing was that we've been talking about all week.
Ryder wasn't too sure about what was going on...
Checking out the inside for the first time
His face when Derrik scooped out the first spoonful of seeds
He decided he would help as long as none of it touched him!
My boys working hard on the pumpkin
Opening pumpkin #2
He really likes how they look inside huh?
This face cracks me up!
Derrik tried to touch him with it
We had some Skypa viewers during our carving!!!

Ryder getting to see the pumkins when they were finished..
2 hours later!!!
The headless horseman...
Dad's pick obviously!!!
I need to get a picture of Ryder's.... he picked some monster peaking over a grave stone
My boys and their pumpkins!!!


Tricia said...

So cute! We are not carvers. Even with the templates you can buy, our pumpkins never turn out as great as Derrick's did! Page and I are going to "color" them today with markers. She gets to color a smaller one while I actually "color" a face onto the big one. She's really excited about it, but wants to paint them again. :) Thanks for the fun times!

Anonymous said...

lovely pumpkin and I love the color Ryder:)

Auntie Hailey

Meant to be a mom said...

The boys did a great job on the pumpkins :) I've never used one of the kits but we bought them this year and will be trying them out later this week.

Ryder is getting so big. He's growing up and looking more and more like a little boy. What a cutie he is.
I just saw your last baby bump pic and you are looking adorable.

Thanks for the congrats on my news :)