Monday, April 18, 2011

A Baseball Nursery

If I could have forseen into the future when we had to move out to Arizona in September 2009 that we would still be living out here in April 2011 with a few more months to go I probably would have invested in moving all of our belongings out here to create a true "home" with our stuff for ourselves. Of course as most of you know that is NOT how it went. We've moved three times (five for Derrik) during our time out here in Arizona, with stints for Ryder and I back at my parents, plans on getting out of here, and in the end still being out here for even longer. Anyhow... in the end we once again have had a need for our furniture, our baby furniture this time, and have had to make plans to make do until we can get back to our real furniture. So i'll give you a little preview into Landon's "baseball nursery"... if you can even call it that. It's all in our room and very pieced together with the intention of getting rid of it all in a few short months. I have a hard time sleeping with a baby in our room so he'll be spending his nights (if all goes as planned... it's all luck with a baby)out in the living room in the pack 'n play.
Landon' Crib

Landon's changing table

(two small dresser pushed together so we would have drawers for his stuff as well)

Landon's Closet

Our apartment is a one bedroom with a den which means we have ONE closet for our whole family. Needless to say it was already full so Landon got a free standing rack.. lucky guy! lol
There was a point in my life when I would have freaked out about my baby not having a room, not having nice furniture, and not having the perfect nursery. We've been doing this "on the road" lifestyle for so long i'm not sure i'd even know what to do if someone told me I could actually decorate a nursery this time around. I've come such a long way :)

Landon is officially on the calendar!!!

9 Days or less!!!

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~Rachel said...

It is awesome girl! I never had the opportunity to make a nursery before the baby was here either. We were either moving or in alternate states (AZ for Lily).
It's all about making it work. My kids have all had their turn in the walk-in closet as their bedroom. They only sleep in there as a baby so we made it work with each of them!

I can't wait to see the little guy!!