Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yeah I'm a Momma's Girl

So my mom left this morning... it was amazing having her here for a week to do my laundry, take care of Ryder, get meals on the table, and basically keep the house running.... but I can do that stuff. Well maybe not this week, but i'm fine now to do that on my own. I like being a momma to my boys, but what I can't do without is having my mom around. I absolutely hate not having her around to show her the cute newborn outfit Landon has on, to have her hear the funny new thing Ryder is saying, or to watch her cuddle both of them. Ryder got so close to my mom this week since she really had to step up to the plate with him while I let my body rest. The smallest thought of her leaving all week made my eyes fill up with tears, and now that she is gone I think it's time to have one good cry and just let it out. There are times I hate baseball for what it does to us, and today is one of those days for sure. Baseball can go screw itelf. Especially when we aren't even enjoying the actual baseball season. So now i'm left here counting down the weeks until Derrik is healthy again. Hoping they fly by to get my boys back to family, and hoping they drag on at the same time because we absolutley dread the idea of kissing Daddy good-bye for a month or so while he goes to play baseball. Luckily I don't get to control how fast the clock moves and have to just enjoy what I have at the moment.

So yeah i'm a momma's girl, but it can't go without mention how much we appreciated Auntie Ally, Me-Maw, and Aunt Cindy as well. Ryder had such a great time with them, and it makes me so sad that I won't get to see his face light up when family spoils him for quite a while. I try so hard to keep life fun for him, but sometimes he just gets bored with me. I can't wait for the days that he gets to hang out with family and it doesnt have to be such a special occasion. Derrik and I daydream about the days when it's a Friday night and we can call up Grammy and ask her to have a sleepover so we can have a night out.

So yeah... our family is gone. No i'm not some post partum mess over here. I tend to get this sad every time I have to leave, but usually i'm leaving Derrik to see my family or leaving family to come back to Derrik. This time around is really hard because I had the best of both worlds for a whole week that went by way to fast!

I'll get a one week post up about our sweet baby boy a day late probably. It's kind of hard to write a post full of sweet happy baby pictures with tears rolling down your cheeks. For now i'm going to enjoy my first morning home alone with my two boys, count down the hours until Daddy walks through the door, and enjoy our first full night at home by ourselves.

Also a huge thanks to my Dad and Hailey for sucking it up for a week without mom. I know i'm 26, but sometimes I just have to stake my claim on her :) Enjoy having her back home. Thanks to Tom as well for keeping the boys while Tina got to come out here to meet the newest addition!!

Back to happy baby filled posts soon! :)


Jen said...

I'm so sorry you're sad today. I can relate with my parents living in Michigan. They will be here for one more week and then I'll be the one with tears rolling down my cheeks. :( Enjoy your sweet boys!

Connor and Mommy said...

I'm crying for you, as I can't imagine how hard that must be. It's definitely fine to say "screw baseball" and wish for a little more stability and predictability sometimes! Thinking of you and looking forward to more pictures of your precious boys :)