Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Eggs

I'd love to edit these Easter egg pictures. Easter pictures are always some of my favorite to look back on from the years past with their vibrant colors and intensity in Ryder's face as he gets the eggs just the right color, BUT we are busy this weekend! With a potential baby on the way these pictures could never make it up if I took the time to edit them and such. So here they are right off my camera.

Ryder loveddddd doing the eggs, but made a huge mess of himself! Between getting him to stop dying the eggs and then trying to get the dye off it made me thankful we only do this once a year because by then I might be ready to do them again with him!!

I may have told him he had to be a bunny to dye eggs :)

He totally fell for it

So careful starting off

Starting to get the hang of this egg stuff

Landon... Hope he's here Sunday to enjoy the day with us!

Creating his masterpieces

Landon Update: He's obviously very happy in my belly. No contractions :( My mom and sister are on their way and should be in tonight at 9:30. Me-Maw will head out as soon as we are certain Landon is really on his way. Just waiting....

Meanwhile... It's my hubby's birthday! Going to enjoy some cake and presents then head out to dinner with my man while our sweet friend Tricia offered to watch Ryder.

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