Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Photos and Captions

We're still doing great around here. Life is actually simplier now then regular for me. My mom and sister completely take care of Ryder. My mom cooks, cleans, does the laundry, and keeps the place kept up. My only job is Landon (when they don't steal him from me!), and he is kind of boring :) We'll take boring though! We literally do everything we can to get him up to eat. He's been home two nights and both times we put him to bed around 11pm, he woke up around 2am to eat, and we've woken him up at 7am because he's a sleepy head and has to eat! I know it'll only last so long, and i'm enjoying his little newborn coma while it lasts. I remember Ryder being the exact same way.

I had a kind of rough day yesterday physically, but am hoping we are past all the crazy stuff your body goes through giving birth and that my days will only get better from here on out. I'm not a fan of pain meds and am finally completely off of them. I have three more days to get myself ready to do this on my own. I will admit i'm slightly nervous. I know I can do it, but just hope I remember to enjoy it and don't always stress myself out.

We have so many pictures, and I feel like I could do a million blog post with a million stories. I don't have time for that though so I'm just throwing a lot of pictures out there with some captions :)

Landon with his little brother onesie on at the hospital. My goal is to get a good picture of Ryder and Landon in their matching shirts before Landon outgrows this!

Grammy got the last Easter outfit in the store for Landon Saturday afternoon :)

Landon and Grammy

Heading home wasn't any kind of picture perfect story. We were rushing out of there so Derrik could get to the field. The Reds weren't putting pressure on us, but we didn't want Derrik to miss another day of not throwing with his arm at such a crucial point in his rehab. So this picture the nurse took is the best we got.

Car ride home

Napping on Mommy at home... I love this and a soaking it in because I know it'll be hard once my mom is gone, and I'm responsible for Ryder

Grammy and Landon at Landon's 1st doctors appointment

Auntie Ally and Landon

PJ time... We were showing Ryder how Baby Landon's belly is ticklish too

All snuggly for our first night at home

Doing what he does best

Ryder and Landon's Easter baskets

so thankful Ryder was clueless and we could wait to celebrate with him :)

Starting his egg hunt

Checking out his basket with Auntie Ally

Auntie Ally getting some fresh air with Landon by the pool while the big brother swims to let out some energy

Snoozing before his bath

He wasn't crazy over getting his body cleaned, but love the hair part

All Clean... Love that clean baby smell

All ready for night #2

Not sure if Derrik approves this, but I think it's sweet

Ryder came into our room this morning like he would usually do (the Easter bunny kind of messed him up the first morning home), and crawled into bed with us. He looked at me and said "Mommy where's Baby Landon?" I thought it was so sweet and think it was the first time he's really seen me without Landon since he's been born. I got Landon up and didn't really even ask and just put Landon on him. Ryder just kind of really quickly kisses or touches him and walks away. He's just really hesitant around him so it was exciting to see him let me do that. He still never touched him though even when I laid him there.

Resting after a long morning of Heather and I torturing him for some photo ops... will post some of those pictures soon

Hope you enjoyed :)

Tomorrow is the big circumcision day... hoping Me-Maw and Aunt Cindy coming into town right after will cheer him up!!!

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Liz said...

Wow, I had a lot of catching up to do!! I was wondering if Baby Landon had made his entrance into this world earlier today and now I see he has. What a blessing and congrats on such a great delivery! :)

He is adorable and Ryder looks like he is doing well with his new brother! :)