Saturday, April 2, 2011

A few photos from Florida

I really hope my picture taking skills and desire to actually take them find their way back to me sometime in the near future. I have such a scattered mess of pictures from Florida. Don't let the lack of pictures fool you though... we truly had a great time! My mom and I spent probably too much time finding clothes for Landon, and if he was lacking at all in the clothes department we took care of that problem :) It was so fun finally getting to do some baby stuff with her! Ryder spent his time in the pool, playing with his aunties, flirting with lots of cute little girls, and playing hard to get with his Mack and Grammy. I'm not sure what his deal is, but he seriously gives them a run for their money in the affection department. I'm pretty sure it's those aunties stealing all the attention. He finally call my sisters and brother Uncle Ryan, Auntie Ally, and Auntie Hay (not sure why he opts not to use her full name). It' so cute though! On to some pictures...
This picture right here is one of my biggest reason for wanting to move back to Florida...

Just look at all the kids Ryder has to hang out with!!!

Two seriouly pregnant mommas

Amanda 32 Weeks and Me at 34 Weeks

The cake at the baby shower Miss these girls so much! Courtney was loving being the skinny girl in the picture :) Soon enough you'll be the preggo one... just wait! Look how big these three are getting!!! Our traditional picture of the three kids together from every visit we've had to Florida Dakota, Sophia, and Ryder Landing in Phoenix... he's telling me "I see Daddy"
Running to go see his Daddy!!!

This was the first time that Ryder very obviously missed Derrik. For a while he was obvioulsy too young to know what was going on when they would spend time apart. Last summer and over Christmas he knew Daddy wasn't there, but had a very "out of site, out of mind" personality. This trip though he would ask me where Daddy was, would tell me he missed Daddy, told me he was excited to go home to Daddy and Chloe, and was SO excited to get off the plane to see him. I love the father/son bond they have built recently. My mom alway told me that intense father/son bond comes later once they can really interact on the same level with each other. Ryder seriously does anything he can to be just like Daddy! It's too cute, and I can't wait to see Landon have that relationship one day too!!!

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