Saturday, April 16, 2011


I realized in the last couple of months that Ryder's attention span for tv shows and movies has gotten much better. He thoroughly enjoys cuddling up on the couch or in bed to watch a movie and usually can sit through the whole thing. I've been wanting to attempt a movie for a while, but was waiting for a good one to come out. I was so excited to take Ryder to see the movie Hop but heard quite a few comments about how it wasn't that great of a movie. Then I saw the previews for Rio in the past week or so and decided to take Ryder. Derrik claims he "couldn't come"... we would have made it work if he wanted to... so Ryder and I went on our own this morning. You would have thought I was taking him to Disney World or something. He was sooo excited! He was so excited to get his popcorn and candy and looked like such a big boy carrying his little kids pack into the theatres. We walked in just at the previews were starting, and he settled right into his seat. I knew he'd sit there for at least a half hour eating his food, but expected him to lose interested at a boring part of the movie or something. He sat with a smile on his face for every single second of that movie!!! He grabbed my hand at scary parts, laughed at funny parts, danced to the music, and seriouly loved it! When the movie ended he looked at me and said, "watch it again Mommy!" I'm so excited Ryder is finally at the movie going age... lots more dates to the movies with my little man to come :)

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The Yarbrough's said...

awwww sooo cute! I wanna see that movie. (I don't think I could drag Brandon to see it either. haha)