Friday, April 8, 2011

Doctor Appointment Update and Some Important Dates

We really got no news at the doctors today, but I figured i'd let everyone know that though since everyone seems to be pretty anxious these days :) This nurse practitioner is literally in and out of the room in under five minutes... maybe even under two minutes. It annoys me, but I guess she's just doing her job. I see an actual doctor the next two weeks and my doctor the week after that if we need that appointment. I know next week is still a little early, but i'm really hoping for a 13th, 14th, or 15th delivery date! All three dates are very special to us! 13th - My momma's birthdy 14th - My Great Grandma's (Gigi) birthdy. This is who Landon's middle name, Brennan, is after. How awesome would it be for them to share a birthday?! 15th - One of my best friends, Natalie, little girl Charli's birthday. Her first daughter Finley and Ryder share an August 25th birthday so it would be crazy four our second children to share an April 15th birthday as well! If Landon decides he wants to continue to hold out (which I need to realize is most likely going to happen) he could also share a birthday with Derrik's brother, Cole, on the 18th or with his Daddy on the 22nd!! Anyone have a guess when they think he'll be here?!

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