Friday, April 1, 2011

The First Year

We made it back to Arizona with Landon still safe in my belly. Not that I intended on having the little guy at 35 weeks or earlier, but my friends have put on quite a show lately with early delivers so I was super paranoid the whole time we were in Florida. We're back though! I did lots of cleaning and unpacking yesterday. We have a few more small things to do to get ready for Landon, but at this point we would gladly welcome him at any time. I go to the doctor this afternoon and will get a post up about that once we get home. Sorry I missed the 35 week update. We were flying and honestly every week is kind of the same right now. I'll get a post up with the end of our Florida visit soon too!

Now that I visited Florida and could show off a small project I had been working on I think i'm ready to share it on here. With all the work I put into it I wanted my mom and a few other people to see it in person because it's way better that way!

The past couple of months i've been working on a scrapbook for Ryder. I am making each book a years worth of photos and stories. It came out amazing and is printed on a hard cover 12x12 book. I am so glad I finally pursued doing this. I'm about half way through his second year book and truly hope I can finish it soon so i'm caught up with him! It'll be way less overwhelming to do knowing i'm caught up... especially with two kids! This is definitely my reason for a lack of blogging lately. Whenever i'm spending time on the computer I want to get another page done instead of another blog post. Promise to let blogging take number one priority once the little guy is here!!!

Hope you enjoy this as much as I do :)

P.S. - You probably will want to click the link below the book to view it better.


Jen said...

This book is amazing!!! You're going to have to teach me how to do this... :)

Anonymous said...

it really is amazing....I have been putting off doing this...but now you have inspired me!

Liz said...

Wow, that book is awesome!!! I have been saying I need to get Abby's photos in a book... I don't have time to scrapbook like I used to and once loved!!

I have told myself a thousand times that this would be my project for this baseball season. Let's hope I can get it done..... :) Shutterfly here I come :)

Liz said...

By the way, what size book did you choose?