Saturday, April 16, 2011

I dusted off my camera...

No serioulsy... there was dust all over my camera on top of the fridge! Somehow I went from that annoying person who always had their camera everywhere and in everyones face to that person who has no picture except ones on their phone of their kid for the last three and a half months. Last night it was gorgeous out, Daddy had the night off, Ryder had an extrememly long/late nap, and the splash pad had opened for the summer! Seems like a great night to dust the camera off to make sure it still works huh? The night did not disappoint. There were probably 100+ people at the park due to two birthday parties, a band was setting up, the splash pad was finally being put to use, and Ryder was one excited little boy! FINALLY... some good pictures of my sweet little man :) We finished the night off at a really cool pizza place. Ryder was awesome through the whole dinner, and it was such a great night out. Of course Daddy is off working until 10pm tonight, but he has off tomorrow! Maybe some pool pictures?!


The Denoves said...

Thank goodness!!!! I was missing your pictures:)

Connor and Mommy said...

Love the pics! Ryder is cute as can be...especially when he's standing up on his tip toes!

It's almost baby time!!!!! YAY!!!!

Thinking of you lots lately! Have a great Easter!