Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daddy's Baseball Game

Last night we went to Daddy's baseball game. Of coure he's not exactly on the pitcher's mound quite yet like we would like him to be, but we will support him in whatever he is doing. These days we get to watch Daddy behind the plate as an umpire. Derrik is so busy officiating everything from football to basketball to baseball to softball. Baseball is his busiest sport this time of year, but we've learned that all sports go year round if you really want them to. He stay busy 5-7 nights a week so every once in a while Ryder and I will go along just to enjoy some time in the car with him and at least be in his presence at the game. Plus it's nice to get some fresh air every once in a while and let Ryder run around with some kids.

Derrik doing his thing behind home plate

Ryder cheering Daddy on.

I always wonder what people are thinking when Ryder cheers "Go Daddy!" when it's little league kids playing. They usually figure it out when Derrik comes to talk to us between innings.

And since we're talking baseball... a little update on Derrik's real career. He's been throwing bullpens for about 2-3 weeks now. He is at the field six days and throws two bull pens a week. He had one rough day so far, but the rest have all been great. He feels great, is in great spirits about it all, and is in high hopes he'll be back out there with his teammates soon. They even scheduled his tentative first game on the calendar! This will be for the extended spring training team that plays at the spring training fields. He will play on this team until everyone feels confident he is healthy and ready to go. I forget the exact date Derrik told me, but it's only about a month and a half away!! We are still open minded to all the avenues our life could go in the near future with his career, but for right now are focusing day to day on how his arm feels at this critical time and are obviously greatly distraction by the upcoming arrival in our family :)

AND... I'm obviously still pregnant... 38 weeks today... 1 week from our induction date! I'll update after our doctors appoinment tomorrow afternoon with any news!!!

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