Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adults Night Out

The past two summers we've made it back to Florida we've made one night all about us adults (which is slightly odd that we are the adults now). Last night my parents, brother, three of my best friends, one of my mom's best friends, and an old friend of my parents (one of my best friends mom's) all decided to go out for the night. It was sooo much fun all sharing clothes, doing each others make-up, having drinks, and taking pictures while getting ready. I love being a wife and mommy, but it is so nice be able to just be a girl hanging out with my friends with no responsibility every so often. I did get to put my little man to sleep before we left, and we got to listen to Soso sing to us on the phone when she told her mommy good-night from her Daddy's house. We so love those little ones, but still... this night was about us!
A shot to start the night...
To Old Friends...

Our group about to head to dinner

We had dinner at a new restaurant downtown. Of course the parents loved it and us "kids" still picked at the fancy food. The food didn't matter though... We had SOOOOO many good laughs about old times. After a drink or two we all had no problem telling our parents all the things we did behind their backs as kids. I'll leave the stories at the table, but lets just say we all laughed wayyyy too much! After dinner we headed over to a bar I use to frequent in college. It was beyond weird being there 1. with my parents, 2. not trying to find a "hot guy" to hang get my drinks, 3. married with a baby... It didn't matter though because it was WAY better being there with my family and best friends. We continued to have a great time, people watch, and have more drinks in honor of such great friendships. Side note... My mom didn't have her I.D. and the guy didn't want to let her in. I'm not sure he gets the line "seriously your not going to let her in? She's our mom!" very often.

The Girls

To think i've been such great friends with these girls for 10-15 years is priceless! We all might have wandered away from each other for times during high school or college, but in the end I know these girls are there for me when I need them! Love you girls!!!
Oh A.K.... The fun times we've had in the past at this bar, and all through life!
Ashley is the one person that was always there by my side all the way until marriage (Maid of Honor at the wedding too for those who are wondering)... so glad I got to visit with her last night. Courtney and Amanda
The Old Ones :)
Still very immature
These girls will always have a place in their heart for Ry
Yeah... we'll grow up.... some day!
For anyone wanting a flash back to our pre-teen years.... Remember when these two "dated"

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