Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top Ten at Two

So Ryder is almost two.... 13 more days to be exact. I can not believe how much he has grown up and is truly becoming a little boy and not a baby anymore. We still have a few things we cling onto, but we know even those will soon be gone with time. I think the top ten most important things any given baby needs in the first year have got to be relatively the same. I think it is in this second precious year that a child gains so much individuality and personality. I'd like to think no two kids top ten favorite things are the same at this age. It is so funny to me what makes a child's face light up and what becomes such a level of comfort for them. So in no particular order.... Here are Ryder's top ten favorite things at the age of two:

1. CARS: You will see this repeating in different forms in the top ten, but these guys have got to be his favorite. In fact his running them across the couch at this very moment is allowing me to type this up. The two smaller cars very rarely leave my purse because they are what he plays with outside the house. The most important thing to know is that he can't ever have just one. While out shopping anywhere he will turn to me and ask for "cars". Whatever one I hand to him first he will turn around and ask for the other. He doesn't get that there is a lot of crap in mom's purse and it takes a second to dig these guys up! I'm not sure what the attachment issue is, but he just loves them.

Lightning on the left and Mater on the right.
They change character all the time if you're wondering why Lightning is blue and red.
2. SPORTS CLOTHES: Ryder is pretty into clothes in general these days, but his Reds and Phillies clothes usually make the top of his list. I don't always get to chose what he wears these days, and almost always have to prove to him there is some kind of sports logo, ball, or animal on the clothing somewhere to get him to put it on. I'm beginning to see why kids wear that tacky cartoon stuff.... I thought it was the parents picking it out all along! Anyhow... Ryder loves his Reds and Phillies shirts and loves to wear his hats to go along with it. He is going to be such a big sports fan... as if he ever had a choice?!
3. PACI'S: Oh the paci's.... how these should have been out of our life such a long long time ago. He loved it his whole first year. After that we made it a bedtime/naptime only thing (minus days we fly... anything goes on those days!). It has worked great for us because he still gets it to sleep, and we don't have to see it in his mouth all the time. In the houses we have been in we have kept his door shut so he never saw his bed to think that he wanted it. We had minor melt downs on occasion, but it wasn't a huge deal. Well in our new apartment he is in a den which has two doors that don't actually close with a latch. They catch into a little ridge at the top of the door frame, and you just push them open. Obvioulsy Ryder can do this and knows to look in his crib for them. Whether it's in there for him to get, and I have it hidden it's still a meltdown at least once a day. I am giving him until his birthday and then these things are gone! I am going to try cutting the tips off at first so he has them, but will hopefully decide on his own he doesn't want them anymore. If that doesn't work we'll go the hard route and just put them in the trash! I'm done!

The beloved paci's
4. THE MONSTER TRUCK: We got this monster truck at a thrift shop when we first moved out to Arizona about a year ago. We were searching for a second car seat at the time, and Ryder wouldn't let us leave the store without this truck. It was so dirty and nasty when we bought it. We got it anyhow, cleaned it up, and it pretty much sat around until recently. It is now his favorite toy to push around the house. He goes so fast I wonder how he doesn't knock himself out when he hits a wall with it. Just recently one of the tires actually broke off, and I thought the world was going to come to an end! I ran to the store and got some Gorilla Glue, and we've been good to go ever since.

5. MATER'S TALL TALES: I'm pretty sure i've blogged about these before, but they are just 2-5 minute segments of Mater telling tall tales about his life to Lightning McQueen. They are on the website, and Ryder can watch them for hours. I had to tell him that Mater isn't working today so he would just go play with his toys. It doesn't help that the newest Mater's Tall Tales is a story about Maters and Lightning as monster trucks. Talk about two of his loves coming together as one!!! When we were at Toys 'R Us last week we saw some toys with them dressed up in their monster truck characters, and i'm thinking they might need to be a birthday present!
In Character:
Lightning McQueen as Freightning McMean
Tow Mater as The Tormenter
6. MILK: I am not sure why he's such a milk lover, but he goes through so much of it a day! Back at Ryder's one year appointment the doctor had asked what we were giving him to drink. At that time he was having milk, water, and juice. The doctor had told us why would we give him juice if he was satisfied with milk and water. It made sense to me so we eliminated the juice for when we were out of the go and eating out. I think it has only increased Ryder's love for milk (he loves water too, but definitely asks for milk more often). I'm so glad our little man is so happy with this instead of soda which I know some kids love so much.

7. SHOES: I think Ryder has a love for shoes because we put on our shoes when we are going "bye-bye". These shoes down below in particular are his very favorite. They are the croc style shoe shaped into an animal. I always swore my kid would never wear these tacky shoes. Unfortunately Ryder grew out of his first pair of Crocs while we were on The Cape this summer and it's so hard to find that stuff out there. My mom found these shoes out and about one day and asked if she should get them. I figured why not at least he'll have something to run around outside in. Now they are our "everday shoe". They are the ones he picks for every outfit and to be honest they don't bother me as much as they use to. He loves them :)

8. BALLS: I'm pretty sure I don't need to elaborate on this one. This is probably the one thing that is one most two-year-olds list of things they love. He loves baseballs, basketballs, soccor balls, bouncy balls, small balls, big balls, squishy balls, and hard balls. If you throw in some form of a stick, whether it be a baseball bat, golf club, hockey sitck, or even just a toy that looks like a stick.... you've completley won him over!
9. Blankies: I think just after Ryder's first birthday he really started to have a security blanket. Until that point he didn't really care if it was anything in particular. These Little Giraffe blankets were a gift to us when Ryder was born, and he absolutely loves them. One is a big blanket to go over his whole body, and the other is a small blanket he likes to keep up by his face. I'm sure that these will be the blankets that he will sleep with until he is too embarrased to let his friends see, and we'll pack away some day many years down the road.
10. DVDs: These are a new favorite that i'm sure are around to stay. Ryder always watched tv on his portable dvd player in the car, but never paid too much attention to it while at home. I could always pretty much watch what I wanted, and he would just play. Recently though he really likes for me to set up a spot in front of the tv with blankets and pillows while he watches his movies. His favorite is Cars (obviously), his All About DVD that I have blogged about in the past, and our new movie we just got this week is Finding Nemo. He already loves this one too. I think our next purchase will be my own personal Disney favorite... Monster's Inc.

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