Monday, August 16, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I was starting to get a little antsy because we had settled in and nothing was going on, but of course now we are getting busy again. First.... Lisa is coming to visit!!! I am SOOOOOOOO excited to see her! The Reds are coming to town which means Chris and Travis are going to be out here playing the Diamondbacks. Lisa and Brittany were suppose to both be coming with their hubbies, but unfortunately baseball (long story... i'll spare you the complex baseball world once again)got in the way, and Brit isn't making the trip. We are so sad because we really wanted to see that cute baby belly she is sporting these days, but we understand the situation. I guess the pictures will have to hold us over until we can meet Baby Zander at Spring Training. So we'll be spending a good portion of our week hanging out with our friends and going to baseball games. I know Ryder's face is going to light up when he sees the huge baseball field!!! I'm sure it won't last long, and he'll be all over the place but it will be nice while it lasts.

I am convinced living on the West Coast and having sports play so much earlier is good for our marriage. Derrik sits on the couch and watches the baseball/football/anything sports realated he can possibly find on while I do stuff around the apartment, get dinner ready, fold laundry, bathe Ryder and so on. Then by the time Ryder is sleeping, i'm ready to watch my shows and sports are over so Derrik gladly watches them with me! Love It!!!
Have I mentioned we are going to Florida next Thursday?! No... I haven't because my mom felt the need to try to "surprise" her friends when she got there, and they read my blog sometimes. Of course little comments kept happening over Facebook so she had to tell them so they didn't find out. So yeah... WE'RE GOING TO FLORIDA!!! Just Ryder and I, but I am sooooo excited! I haven't been home in exactly a year. We left right after Ryder's birthday to move to Arizona last year and haven't been back since. I can not wait to see so many of my friends and how much their kids have grown up, and I get to meet one of my best friends new sweet little girl! My family will be down there as well, and we are staying with my brother. I can not wait!!! While we make this venture, Derrik will be flying to Boston to get the other car, driving to Pennsylvania to spend a few days with family and participate in the family football draft, and then is driving the car back out to Arizona with his grandpa. He's excited to see family, but as usual kinda got the shitty end of the deal. Sorry babe!!!
As for life out here... I think it feels like home. Seriously this time! I don't get that feeling in the pit of my stomach if no one is around that i'm all alone out here. I feel comfortable in our place, don't feel like I have to mentally prepare to go anywhere anytime soon, baseball isn't really talked about since the rehab has little to do with baseball for quite a few more months, and driving around out here feels like some place i've been forever (it has been a year now). I think it's a good feeling. I think i've been removed from "real home" for long enough now that it would almost be a weird feeling to be back there full time. So yeah... we're doing good and excited about the up coming month and all it has to offer! Especially a special birthday coming up in a nine days!!!

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