Friday, August 20, 2010

If we can't watch Daddy play baseball...

We will definitely settle for watching some great friends play baseball!!! We were so lucky that the Reds happened to be playing the Diamondbacks out here in Phoenix this week, Chris and Travis were both up with the big league team, and Lisa came along for the trip. I can't even tell you how excited we were to see them. It has been far to long since we said our good-bye's to these guys are spring training, and we couldn't wait to hang out with them for a couple of days. Of course the guys night schedule and Derrik's moring rehab schedule kind of conflicted, but us girls got lots of time together.

Tuesday we headed over to the hotel after Derrik was done with rehab at the field to meet up with Lisa. We got to let Lisa play with Ryder for a little bit, and Ryder opened a gift from her and Chris. They were so sweet, and got Ryder his very own Reds jersey. We will be getting lots of use out of that! I think they really won him over with the Cars stickers they got him though. We then headed out to the field to watch the game. Chris wasn't scheduled to start that night, but we were still so excited to see him before the game. We got about one minute with him talking over the top of the dugout, and then had to go find out seats.
Attempt #1 at a good picture with Ryder and Lisa.
Ryder wearing his Heisey t-shirt
Ryder looking for Heisey
(he couldn't say Chris, and finally the last day we asked him to say Heisey. He's much better at that!)
Attempt #2 at a picture with Lisa
So if baseball games were two innings Ryder would be great at them. That is about the most we could get him intersted in. These couple of days made me find a postive to rehab.... no baseball games since Ryder has been mobile! I was a little nervous what I was going to do with Ryder for seven more innings until I say a sign that said Peter Piper Playhouse. All I could think was "we have to find that place!". We did.... on the third level. The players looked like ants, but we got to watch and could actually talk to each other.

Ryder playing on the kid baseball field
Of course they felt the need to close the playhouse during the seventh inning. I would like to have a talk with the person who made this rule, but we convinced Ryder to leave somehow. Talk about a longggg two innings. They did have an area with little rides (which also closed not soon after)
Ryder told Lisa to "sit"
Also... Attempt #3 at a picture of Ryder and Lisa
Trying to entertain Ryder until the end of the game with the camera
Attempt #4 at a picture of Ryder and Lisa
And finally.... after a longggggg game.... we got to see the man of the night!

Our boys reunited
On Wednesday Ryder and I went to the hotel in the morning to let Ryder swim for a little bit and so he could hang out with Chris. He showed off some of his jumping skills, and soon after we had to head out. I am watching the kids at my friend Tricia's home daycare while she goes to pre-natal appointments (baby Logen is due at Christmas time!)so I brought Lisa there. I made her hold sweet babies so she would get baby fever because there can't be a Ryder, Zander, Baby Denove, and no Baby Heisey :) It just doesn't work like that!
We then headed home and brought Ryder to Derrik. Chris wasn't scheduled to start until the next day, and Travis was pitching the next day. We figured we'd get Ryder a good nights rest. Lisa and I opted out of the game and went and ate dinner. Travis had been sent to AAA for ten days since he was due to miss a start because of an off day and wasn't technically on the roster yet. He was sitting at the hotel across the street so he came to meet us after dinner. We were watching the game from a tv in the bar, and of course Chris was brought in to pinch hit. He got a hit which scored the go ahead run! Go figure we weren't there. We had hopes of bringing Travis to the field with us, getting Chris, and heading to our apartment to play Settlers, but it kept getting later and later. We ended up calling it a night. I dropped Lisa and Travis off at the hotel and headed home.
The next morning Derrik actually had to have another minor surgery. One of his scars from where they took the ligament in his left wrist had healed awful. There was a huge lump from the scar tissue and it hurt for him to bend his wrist because it was pulling the skin. They had to actually put him under anesthesia for it to be done. I was a really sweet wife and dropped him off to go hang out with our friends. Just kidding... well I did drop him off, but going there with Ryder would have been awful! He assured me he was just fine, and just to come back and pick him up. So we dropped Ryder off and heading back out to the hotel. This time Ryder got to hang out with Chris and Travis for a bit. Ryder opened up his present from Brittany and Travis. They got him a Reds backpack with cars inside. The boys set up a ramp with an ironing board, and i'm pretty sure amused themselves more then they amused Ryder.

This is the best picture I had out of about five attempts...
Ryder thinks closing his eyes is a good attempt at a smile, and Travis looks like he's sleeping!
Another attempt... At least Chris can open his eyes and smile, but he opted to look at his wife's camera! Oh boys!!!
Lisa, Ryder, and I headed out after about an hour to go pick Derrik up. Travis and Chris were heading to the field soon so the three of us and Derrik all headed back to the apartment and napped. It had been a longgggg couple days, and we were worn out. I had to wake Ryder up from a nap after sleeping for close to four hours so we could make the game on time. Unfortunately Chris was pulled from the starting line up that night (Jay Bruce was too hot to sit... I guess they must have missed the fact that Chris got the hit to score the game winning run the night before? We are really bummed we mised the night he got to pinch hit... go figure), but Travis was still starting.

Ryder walking down to watch Travis warm up.
Ryder watching his buddy Travis warm up on the field
(No posed picture with Travis in uniform... We could only get in an hour before and he's WAY too focused at that point. We weren't taking credit for ruining that)
BUT... we did get some with Chris :)
We are beyond happy that Chris' career has taken off since we've become friends with them.
We just hope they can play on the same team again one day... and I don't mean Chris joining the rehab team :)
Ryder trying to tell Chris some kind of story.... he seriously loves these guys! I was shocked how quick he warmed back up to them.
The boys
Starting Pitcher: Travis Wood
same thing goes for Travis that I said about Chris. We are so happy for our friends getting to live their dream!!!
The starting line-up
(can you tell I was that obnoxious friend snapping pictures? When I was taking pictures of Travis warming up I think the security guard thought I was psycho! I'm just excited for them promise!)
Getting ready to warm up
If Ryder could have found a way to jump down there with Travis he would have. He was waving and saying Hi over and over.
Lisa and I at the playground... do you see how far up we are?!
Ryder showing Travis his t-shirt and telling him that he did awesome!

All the boys together after the game.
Derrik had to say hi and bye real quick to the guys. Unfortunately they had to board a flight to L.A. right after the game.
Lisa, Brit, Chris, and Travis-
Thank you so much for the time we got to spend with you (minus you Brit.. we know you were there in spirit), your sweet gifts to our little man for his birthday, and for being such amazing friends. We never expected to find some of our best friends in this crazy baseball world, but we have. We are so excited that you guys are living the dream, and hope to be living it with you someday soon. We're already counting down the days until spring training when we can all be together again!

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