Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Birthday Celebration

WOW!!! Celebrating the little guy turning two might be even more exhausting then when I celebrated turning 21 (and that involved a seriously long night with the porcelin god). We have had such a great day together as a family. I wanted to put 100% effort into this post with some editing to the photos and really giving it some good thought into the writing, but I just can't. We leave for Florida at 6 a.m. tomorrow (which means up at 4 a.m.), and I'm sure i'll have a million photos from that trip. I'll also deal with family telling me that want to see the birthday photos, and it's just much easier to do it now! So here it is... the birthday post with pictures...

The Birthday Boy with his Daddy this morning
Ryder's face when he saw his decorations and presents
He asked to sit in his high chair right away and before I could even think of snapping a picture he began grabbing his new stuff.
He got to open his present from Mommy and Daddy in the morning so he would have all day to play with it.
He loved the paper :)
I honestly have no clue why we don't have a picture of the toy we got him. We got him a mat of Radiator Springs (the town the cars are from in the movie Cars) and a bunch of pull back cars from the movie as well. He loved playing with his new cars all over this mat this morning.
We had a special breakfast... yumy cinnamon rolls with two birthday candles
Blowing out his candles
(the first one was put out with his fingers! He learned really quick what "blow" means!)
Ryder hated the birthday hats last year (i'm sure most of you remember!)
So we opted for the noise makers instead.... quite the hit!
After the presents and breakfast fun it was time to play with his toys for a little bit while Daddy went to work. Ryder played hard all morning, watched Finding Nemo cuddled up with Mommy, and then took a nap. I had told him all day that when he woke up we were taking him to McDonald's to eat lunch and play on the playground, and then we were going to the splash pad! We went to McDonald's and had a great time playing. After a little while we packed it up to head to the splash pad. I put his swim suit on in the parking lot, lotioned him up with sun screen, headed towards the splash pad with our towel and camera in hand to see this....
Talk about a panic attack!!! It is my little boy's birthday, and I have been building this up ALL day as our fun thing we were going to do. He kept pointing at the stuff saying "water". Luckily we told him it was broken and asked if he wanted to go home and open more presents. Success! Not a single tear!!! We headed home...
Our pleasantly happy birthday boy getting a ride from Daddy after our bad news
We had lots of presents at home from Grammy, Grandpa, Mimi, Papa, Auntie Ally, and Auntie Hailey. They had told us they wanted to watch Ryder open his presents on Skype so we told them we were ready. They were taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R in the eyes of a two year old with lots of presents in front of his face. Lucky for us....Ryder's buddy Heisey was up to bat on the t.v.!!! That was enough of a distraction for our little man :)
Finally Skype was working...
The family singing Ryder Happy Birthday
(pretty sure I wrote a post recently about loving technology.... another reason why right here)
Opening presents....
Cars Geo-Trax.... Score!!!
Everyone watching
And this is what the rest of the afternoon looked like....
We managed to get him to leave his Geo-Trax for a minute for some cake! He actually pretty much ran to the table :)
(Notice the computer again... Ryder's going to think his family lives inside a computer. They all got to sing Happy Birthday with us)
Checking out Mom's art work... Next Cake Boss right?
He's got the hang of this candle thing now
Some video of Ryder playing with his Geo-Trax
Thank you so much to everyone for all the texts, phone calls, e-mails, facebook messages, birthday cards, presents, and continued love for our little man!!! He doesn't realized just how loved he is :) Sorry for any typo's! I don't have time to go re-read this. I have to go tell the little man that birthday time is over, and we all need to head to bed because we have a longggg day ahead of us tomorrow! Florida here we come....

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Tricia said...

It looks like he had an awesome birthday!!! Great job, Mom! By the way, I'm very impressed with your cake decorating skills. I may enlist you from time to time! Have a great trip and see you guys when you get home!!!!