Monday, August 9, 2010

Game Ready

for anybody not familiar with the baseball world.... a Game Ready is a machine you put ice into. You then attach the hose to the machine which has a cuff at the other end. You wrap it around your elbow or ankle and it ices whatever it is the cuff is on. Ryder loves kissing Daddy's boo-boo, pretending to put his arm sleeve and brace on, and just recently has decided he wants to start icing. I hope none of our other baseball friends kid's ever have to ask what one of these are.... they can't ever mean anything good!

Using Daddy's Game Ready

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~Rachel said...

Ugh! Too familiar with this thing! It's amazing what I have forgotten about our rehab journey. I saw your hubby with the arm brace on and recalled Willie having that on.
Ryder is so stinkin cute!