Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ryder's "Sort Of" Birthday Party

My mom really wanted to throw Ryder a birthday party since they couldn't be there for his real birthday in Arizona. I felt awkward throwing him a party when we hadn't actually been home in a year, but my mom still went along with what she wanted. So today we ordered a cake and had a little pool party. It was so nice to have a bunch of little ones Ryder's age running around the pool area. I'm trying to get a lot of pictures up in one night so the pictures are what they are. One of my mom's friends is a photographer and was sweet enough to snap some photos, edit them, and put them on facebook for us to see! So enjoy the awesome cupcake photos done by Jen White :)

Mom and Jen
(not Jen White the photographer... Jen Reeves)
Ryder and Dakota playing with their "two" cars
Ryder opening some presents with his friends
Grammy trying to show Sophia and Ryder how to bowl, but Ryder just wanted to golf with the bowling pins.
Ryder and his friends waiting to sing Happy Birthday
We had to re-light the candle three times during the Happy Birthday song
Gary with his nephew Cole
Dakota and Cole
Two of my favorite guys
Rachael and Cole
I was so excited to finally meet Cole today and get to catch up with Rachael. It's been way too long! We can't believe that within two months three of us girls from BMX all had babies, and they got to play today :)
Soso... such a cutie!
She wore this one spongebob floatie all day
Dakota and his momma Nicole
Ryder and Dakota playing cars again...
I think these two would be best buds if we lived in the same town
Guilty... but still as cute as can be!
(Nicole is this the "stolen car" you called me about?" lol
After the last of Ryder's little friends had left due to near melt-downs Ryder decided to have one of his own. He LOST IT when we changed his wet poopy diaper and never really managed to recover.

Mommy and Ryder went upstairs, showered, and spent the rest of the afternoon right here....
We had a VERY rough evening and night to dinner. I ended up eating dinner at home out of a take-out box. The poor little guy was exhausted, burnt, and chaffed. After some aloe on his back, Desitin on his chaffed legs, and some ibuprofen to help the sunburn and runny nose to feel better he seemed to recover and is sleeping now :) More fun to come tomorrow!!!

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