Monday, August 2, 2010


I told you recently about the baby doll we acquired during our time in Cape Cod. Ryder shows enough interest in it to be sweet and nurturing, but not too much. Usually I convince him to bring me the baby, and then we'll wrap it up in Ryder's blanky and prop his paci up by the dolls mouth. I thought it was a great way to hopefully get Ryder to decide that "babies" need pacis and wind down the use of it at night, during nap time, and those times we just need it to relax. As usual, Ryder out smarted me. Just recently whenever I get him out of bed or the bath he says "baby". I realized he wants to be wrapped like the baby with his paci. GO FIGURE!!! Oh well... he's still not two, and he truly is only my baby for so long.... so I wrap him up and hold him like a baby, and we all know I enjoy it so so much!


~Rachel said...

Haha! He's got it all figured out! We are going to try to get rid of Lily's "Pappy" sometime soon but I just want to keep it! It's one of her last things that keep her a baby. My boys got rid of theirs by 18 months and it was a breeze, except they didn't sleep as well at first.
Lily will be 2 in November and that is the goal for right now. UGH!

Tricia said...

Do you think Derrick would be upset if I got him a stroller for his birthday? It has wheels. Hahahaha... Page can't wait to play with him this afternoon.