Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Night

Before I could tuck my one-year-old into bed one last time before the big birthday, he had to tuck in his monster trucks. He is such a big boy!!!
"Shhhh... Monster trucks sleepin"
Tricia... Take notice that Ryder has taken in your birthday gift as a new favorite :) Thank You!!!


KateB said...

Aw! Happy Birthday To Ryder!!

Connor and Mommy said...

His birthday TOTALLY crept up....holy moly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYDER!!! We hope you have an awesome day! And got your email--our boys will definitely get together while you're here! Any evening next week sounds great!

Tricia said...

YEA! I'm glad he likes it. Is he able to control the remote or is that just for Derrick? I hope he has a great day. I wish we could come meet you and help celebrate his birthday and tell you guys goodbye before you leave for your trip. Be careful and have fun! Can't wait to see all the fun pictures!!!

The Smith's said...

Dakota has the same PJ's! Happy Birthday Ryder!