Monday, August 30, 2010

Cake, Potty, Bath, and Princess Pull-Ups

Last night the Rogoszewski Family was sweet enough to invite our whole family over for a cook-out at their place. We once again had a great time hanging out with our friends, and Courtney was there too which is always a great bonus! Enjoy some photos of the kids from last night...

After Ryder looked like this, had already been swimming earlier in the day, and it was getting late I asked Amanda if we could give the kids a bath at her house before we left.
Soso going potty before the bath. I think she pottied twenty times in the few hours we were there, but went every time and had NO accidents! Ryder isn't impressed and still says "NOOO!" when we ask if he wants to go on the potty like Soso
They had lots of clapping and cheering to get some cute kissy photos :)
When I got Ryder out of the tub I realized we had been out for so long that day that Ryder's diaper supply had run out. I figured he could rock the princess pull-up after getting so many kisses from his woman
The look on their faces when Mean Amanda told them no more jumping
Cuddle time
Cuddle time didn't last long before they started tearing Sophia's room apart
And soon Ryder was crying because he was stuck under the dresser... such a mess this kid is!!!
Another successful night :)

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Meant to be a mom said...

Ha, they are too funny. I love the facial expressions they had when told to stop jumping.