Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Big Boy... Your Two!

Two years old... I have a two year old! There are times I feel like I am just out of high school. Reality check... my ten year reunion is in three years. College... just got done with that right? Ugh no.. it's been five year since i've attended a class. I'm almost married for three which makes us far from newlyweds, and we now have a two year old! Is someone going to wake me up and tell me he's graudating high school tomorrow or that I have gray hair already? I just simply can not believe I am the mother to a two year old. I am so blessed! I absolutely love this stage. I'm not sure if these "terrible-two's" will creep up on me and make me regret it, but i'm pretty sure we had those at one and a half. We went through an awful stage where we could not commuicate and understand each other. I was ready to pull my hair out... and it really might have turned gray early then! This age right now though... it is amazing! We are truly starting to understand each other, and i'm pretty sure even Derrik is learning how to deal with the mentality of a two year old. It definitley took work, but I think we've got it figured out for now. I'd say at this age we have about 90% good days. We have pretty much figured out how he works, and he has us totally figured out! We've learned when to let certian things go, and when we are going to stick to our guns. As parents I think we are really on the same page with things right now.

Ryder is really all boy with a really sweet heart. He wants to "shoot hoops", go to the pool and "kick kick", play "monster trucks", watch "Lightning McQueen", and eat "mies" (gummies)all day every day. Derrik got a little worried when he wanted to bring his baby into his room every night at bed, but just recently he brings his big monster truck into his room and kisses that good night instead. I think he just has a soft spot for the things he loves. He is more into t.v. these days and actually graps what is going on in a show. He makes a point to tell me what is happening, laughs when things are funny, and makes fake cry noises when they are sad. He however does not get that we can't watch Mickey in our bedroom when it's not actually on the Disney station at certain times. I'm not reallly sure how to get that point across!

At two Ryder knows a handful of his letters (he has kind of chosen on his own which ones and they are in no particular order), is counting in his own head (you can see the wheels turning it's just not all coming out of his mouth right yet), knows a few of his shapes, I think he knows some colors, but I really think he's playing hard to get on this one. It's funny to me how he learns so quick on things he's interested in. Colors obviously bore him to death, but he can tell the different between a baseball, basketball, soccer ball, golf ball, and bouncy ball. He knows names of so many of his characters from his shows, and jumps for joy when he sees picture of family he has seen in the past couple of months calling out their names.

Ryder - We could not be more happy to be your Mommy and Daddy. We sit up in bed at night talking about how happy we are to have you in our lives, how we can't believe how big your getting, we talk about things you have done recently, and how excited we are for our future with you. We try to explain to each other just how much we love you, and honestly words can not explain it. We can't get enough of yours hugs and kisses, and I know it melts Daddy's heart when you chase after him on his way out the door to work to give him one more kiss. Being so far away from home is hard, but having you to complete our family has made it so much easier! I can only imagine what this next year has to offer little man. If it is anything like these last two years then it will be amazing.

We Love You,

Love Mommy and Daddy

If I include a picture of Ryder every six month I have to show FIVE pictures!!! Just crazy... I remember when I use to be able to do monthly pictures.


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Kelly's Avenue said...

Happy Birthday to you son!!! He is too cute

Tricia said...

Loved this blog! Almost made me cry reading it! They really do just grow up TOO fast! Enjoy this stage and the Terrible Twos aren't that bad. :) Happy Birthday, buddy!