Thursday, August 26, 2010

We're in Florida!!!

Ryder and I had a long but great flight out to Florida today. We are so excited to be able to visit with my family, but a million times more excited that we are getting to visit them in Florida! Cape Cod will be the place I go to be with family, but Fort Myers I think will always feel like home. It is where I grew up, and i'd be lying if I said I didn't have a huge smile on my face looking out the window as we were coming into the Fort Myers airport and got a great view of Fort Myers Beach, Lani Kai, and Diamond Head. This is where most of my childhood memories are, and I am so thankful to have ten days here! Here are a few pictures from our afternoon...

BFFs Emily and Hailey Reunited!
Soso stopped by after they closed the shop today... We were so excited to see her!
Can you tell Ryder was excited?
Soso even got them matching swimsuits!
Playing hard to get
Wheeee.... Ryder was so glad to be let loose after that long day of flying
Ryder, Sophia, and Mack
(Grandpa's new name... Ryder kept saying Mack from the name of the semi-truck in the Cars movie, and Grandpa said he'd take it... so Mack it is... Mack Daddy... nice huh?)
Holding Hands... Love it!
I am so glad I get to spend time with my friend Amanda! The two of us use to babysit my sisters when they were Sophia and Ryder's age!
Future wedding slide show???
I'm hoping our blankies are all dry now... we had to wash them after they had plane germs all over them. Hoping Ryder's enjoys his pack 'n play set up in Uncle Ryan's bathroom... I'm off to bed!

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Meant to be a mom said...

Awe how cute are they!!! I love that you put future wedding slide show. Hey you never know??? Wouldn't that be the most adorable thing ever though to know each other that long.
I'm glad your enjoying your trip.