Friday, September 25, 2009

13 Months Old

At what point do I stop doing monthly updates? It is something i've done on the 25th for the past twelve months, and I feel a weird obligation to do it this month. Should it stop when they turn one? I pretty much update every little thing my little man does on here anyhow, but on the 25th of every month it really made me sit down and document all the little changes that have happened in the last thirty days. Every month I say it's been a big month, but this month our baby has really turned into a little boy... almost a toddler of sorts. I feel as though he looks the same (with the exception of that super cool haircut he got!), but he has changed so much as a person. Ryder seems to know things now. He has offically started calling me Mom instead of Mama (i'm trying to shoot for Mommy). Derrik is still Dada, but Ryder refers to him as dada now and doesn't just use it as random babble. He really can't wait to be Daddy to him, and we are working on this also. Ryder talks up a storm in his baby language with everything he does.

As I mentioned in an earlier post Ryder has found his nose. All we have to say is "Ryder where is your nose?" and he points right to it! I am beginning to think we should have chose a different thing to teach him because he seems to have realized that his nose has two holes in it. No nose picking yet, but it might not be far off YUCK! We are starting to really push the "Ryder where is your belly?" but it still needs work. He also can find his Dog and his Cats. Another word that Ryder has really learned this past month is NO! Ugh that faces he makes when we tell him this! I have tried to get it on video, but he doesn't seem to take me seriously when I have my phone in his face. I can't even explain it, but honestly we might have a little actor on our hands with the fake sad faces and fake tears. It's pretty comical!

We are working on him signaling things to us and telling him words instead of screaming. For instance he use to scream at me to get out of his high chair (I am usually working while he eats his breakfast and lunch so I get distrated at times), now instead of screaming at me and crying he says Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom until I look and says a babble version of "all done" and puts his arms up in the air so I can take his tray away. While he is eating he knows when I ask him if he wants his juice or water and gets SO excited! Speaking of which... he has really mastered the sippy cup this month. We had used it in the past but more as a toy then an actual cup. He can now suck his drink of choice like a champ out of those things now!

We have also introduced the fork into Ryder's meal time. He is really good at getting the food onto the fork and into his mouth. We got some little kid ones and they seemed to do the trick for his short little arms. For the most part Ryder eats our meals with us and eats most of what we are eating. We still are having no luck with the veggies in solid form, but he is getting his nutrients from them in his yogurts (yes veggie yogurt..yuck, but he loves them) and those squirt packaged baby food things.

So I think the bottle may be gone for good! We made the switch over from formula to whole milk after we got the go-ahead from the doctor, and it's gone great! We are doing water at meal times, juice if need be while we are out and about, and milk with his snack before his nap and right before bed all out of a sippy cup. He has been going down for bed and his naps with no problem. We have also been leaving his pacifier in his crib. When he wakes up I ask him for his "paci" and he puts it in my hand. We then throw it down into the crib and don't see it until we get back in there. The great thing is he gets SOOO excited to see it when he goes to bed that he falls right asleep! I know the pacifier needs to go also, but we need to do this in steps. So for now Ryder and I will pat ourselves on the back for riding ourselves of those bottles and that expensive formula!

Ryder has been working so hard on his standing and walking. He is still only standing when he is in unfamiliar territory or in the bathtub. So odd that he keeps opting to stand in the bathtub... It is almost like he knows I won't post videos from the bathtub anymore on the blog and he knows he can keep this whole standing thing in hiding if he only does it there! As far as walking, he is now walking really good with the help of one fingers. I don't even hold him.. he just holds my finger. I think we still have a long way to go, but hopefully soon :)I'll be sure to let you know!!!

Have I mentioned our little boy loves to dance? Gosh any music anywhere and he just breaks it down! It is so funny!

With all of this learning stuff comes the praise we give him to go along with it! We are constantly clapping and telling Ryder "good job". He loves it and as long as he has both our attention and we are praising him he's a happy baby!

I am sure I will publish this post and think of a thousand other things Ryder is up to these days. He is just growing up so fast! We are loving that he is becoming an active part of our family and involved in what we do. It makes things so much more fun when you can see them through the eye of your own child! We love you little man!!!

Pictures have been few and far between lately. Ryder is too active and not into smiling for the camera! The lighting in our new place is awful! And well... I just haven't been on the ball with it all lately! I did get a couple on Derrik's phone yesterday when we stopped by to check out the local horse track that opens back up next week. My husband is obsessed with this stuff... and tries to convince Ryder to be!

Checking out some of the horses

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