Friday, September 4, 2009

So What Has Ryder Been Up To?

Ryder has been a busy boy up in Cape Cod visiting with his Grammy, Grandpa, Auntie Hailey, and Auntie Ally! Derrik and I are so thankful that we have a place we can send Ryder during these little bits of our life that get a little to hectic. We are thankful he can be there and be loved on while we take care of the chaos! We don't get babysitting for a few hours during the week to run errands or for a date night on the weekends... so we just use up all of our grandparent hours at once during our moves or like we did before during Derrik's surgery. Thank you so much Mom and Dad!

Ryder's 1st night back at home in his crib!
(For those reading who don't know... We have an amazing home with all of our own stuff.. Ryder has a really really nice nursery... he doesn't always live in a closet except when we're on the road!)
Loving his big boy bath
Night #2... pack 'n play... in my mom's closet! He slept awful in his crib and has been almost sleeping through the night every other night in the closet! This boy cracks me up! We just bought him a crib last night so he better like it when he gets here!
Playing videos games at New England Pizza
At Auntie Hailey's first pep rally!
Using the sippy cup... Grammy says he's pretty good at it
Apparently he got into a fight with his bottle
Visiting Jay at Larry's P.X.
Eating at Larry's P.X.... they spend a lot of time here!
Having his first ring pop... what a mess
He's figured out how to crawl up the stairs... I can't wait to see it!
Practicing how to walk.. i'm glad he hasn't figured it out while we were gone :)
Figured out it's fun to throw things down to the 1st floor
Pooped out from all these crazy activities!
Leaving the candy store in Chatham
The best part of Cape Cod... visiting with GiGi
(Ryder's Great Great Grandma!)
Being a crazy boy in the morning
Playing on the tennis court during Auntie Hailey's cheeringleading practice
School shopping after Auntie Ally's middle school orientation
And last but not least... he loves hanging out with my cousin Brooke!

The last step of our move begins tomorrow and then the move will be complete! We are flying back East to get our little boy. Tomorrow morning Derrik flies home to Pennsylvania and I fly home to Massachusetts. We will both spend some times with our families for a few days. Derrik will catch a bus from Pennsylvania to Boston to meet Ryder and I for our flight home on Wednesday. I know that sounds odd, but I am terrified to the across country flight with Ryder! I've always felt I could conquer anything with him, but being trapped in a seat all alone with Ryder for almost six hours.... I need some emotional support for that one! I'm sure i'll post some while back home, but if not we hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! We also wish all of the Louisville Bats good luck in the playoffs! Wish we were there with you guys :)


The Stevens Family said...

Love all the pictures...especially the stairs/toosh shot! And can totally relate on the 'flying alone' thing. Six hours sounds like an eternity! Glad you will have some help. Good luck with all your travels and glad you can have your Ryder back soon :)

Derrik said...

Ryder looks like he has so much fun in Cape Cod! I cant wait to see him!!

Love Da-Da