Saturday, September 12, 2009

Terrible One's?!

Ever since we have gotten to Arizona with Ryder he has been...well... a different baby! It was like we left our sweet little angel in Cape Cod. He has been having us rock him to sleep, taking one one hour nap a day, not eating, won't take his bottles, screaming, crying at everything, wanting to be held all the time, and just being unbearable! At times I feel like I am walking on egg shells with him trying not to set him off. He has no running nose, isn't pulling at his ears, no fever, and is wetting his diapers still.... No real sign of anything. At first we chalked it up to the time change and tried hard to let him adjust, then we thought he was out to get us for moving him again, but yesterday I think we finally settled on teething. Even though I think it is slightly a combo of all three. I want my baby back who entertains himself, never needs to be soothed, goes right to sleep as soon as we lay him down, is an saint in public, and well is just loveable and happy. Not that we don't love him... you know what I mean :) SOOO we are still holding high hopes that he was teething (after all he was putting EVERYTHING he could in his mouth the past couple days... even though we see no teeth coming in) and that this isn't a case of the Terrible One's!!! No one even talks about that... they only talk about Terrile Two's. So if the Terrible Two's are wayyy worse then Terrible One's... well Ryder is going to be forced to stay one forever!

Now that I was just mean and totally bashed my little sweet heart i'm going to brag about him a little bit. Because even when he is this cranky little baby... I still could just eat him up! He has really started to learn new things lately! His favorite thing he has learned is still clapping. He has been doing this for months now, but it still cracks me up how he claps for everything. He has recently really started to blow kisses, can give high-fives, and is starting to mimick us when we sing songs to him that require hand motions. He loves the Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Patty-Cake! He has started to be able to feed himself off of a fork. I'm glad his Grammy showed me he could do this because I wouldn't ever even let him touch a fork! We have really been working on him getting who mama, dada, dog, and cat are. He is in no way saying the words, but sometimes he does point to what we are saying... progress :) I also have FINALLY starting reading him books since we have been in Arizona. I know i'm a bad mommy for not reading to him sooner, but I felt like it was a waste since he doesn't know what I am saying! I'm sure I just struck a nerve with so many people by saying that, but I promise we will stick with it now :) He really likes it! We have been doing it after his bath and brushing his teeth at night... right before bed. He relaxes on me while we read the book, helps flip the page, and points to stuff. I really like this time now :) We'll have to go out and purchase some more books with some of the gift cards from his birthday!!!

I leave you with a video from Ryder in the bath yesterday. While videoing him he accidentally put his face in the water and thought it was pretty funny! I do know that he almost hits his head on the faucet... he just recently took an interest in that part of the bathtub. We are going to purchase a faucet cover today... well maybe tomorrow. The Eagles do play today, but at ten our time! SOOO crazy that football is starting SO early!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday! Football Sunday... Love It :)


The Stevens Family said...

Sounds like Ryder is well...a mirror image of my child these days! I have the 'clingy, won't nap, can fuss at the blink of an eye' baby lately! Our children will forever be a mystery and complete guessing game for us Mommies! Good luck with settling!

The Smith's said...

so cute!~ I love the video!