Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Trips Back Home

Mine and Derrik's trips back to our own homes this past Labor Day weekend we're both so nice! I truly enjoyed being in the Cape with just my family, just hanging out, and being home. Derrik enjoyed his trip because he hadn't had a chance to see most of his family since the beginning of February I believe it was. We both would have loved to have vistied Pennsylvania and Massachusetss, but unfortunately finances and pets kept our trips to a maximum of a few days. Of course Derrik has no pictures... so enjoy a couple we took over the weekend in The Cape.

Grandpa finally got his Chunky Money into a Dolphin's shirt!
I think way down deep inside he thinks he still has a chance to convince him to be a dolphins fan, but we all know Daddy will have nothing to do with him not being an Eagles fan!

Love you Daddy... and Grandpa

Love You Momma!
Thanks for taking care of my little man for me :)

Some pictures from the dog park...

Ryder LOVED throwing stuff down from the second floor!

Please Say A Prayer for Hailey!

As many of you know, my sister Ally struggled with Lyme's Disease since last Christmas and just in the last month or two has finally gotten back to her happy-go-lucky self! I can not tell you how happy I was to see her off to her first day of school, middle school at that, after missing nearly two full quarters of school last year. I was so happy to see the smile on her face when we picked her up, and she is now taking the bus to and from school for the first time. She is loving school and can't wait to wake up every morning to go back! I thank the Lord he has allowed my sister to have such an amazing recovery.

Unfortunately, just as our family thought we were out of the woods with this nasty disease it seems it might be making a very un-welcomed return. Hailey was diagnosed with arthritus I believe maybe a year ago. She had an extremely swollen finger that bothered her on and off so my mom took her to get it checked out. Arthritus runs in our family and given her young age they opted not to do anything to drastic at the time. In the last couple of weeks though her whole wrist began to swell up and her whole body is just aching. We all thought it was the arthritus acting out in her body... my mom can completley relate to all of this because she has had it since she was twenty I believe. She had blood work done and the doctor thinks it may be Lymes Disease. Some stuff in her blood work showed positive that also tested positive in Ally's blood work when she had it. A side effect of Lymes is arthritus so it's a matter of if she has arthritus or lymes bring arthritus out in her body. Ally's side effects were completely different as Lymes has so many different symptoms. She had more in depth blood work done this week, and we are waiting on the results. I'm not even sure what I want them to come back saying... she has somthing, but i'm not sure if the Lymes or the Arthritus would be worse. Needless to say she could use a prayer or two! She has been such a champ and has attended school since it started this Tuesday. I am so proud of her for being so strong, and hope she feels better soon.

We Love You Hailey!


Aunt Gina said...

Oh No you don't Kevin. Ryder is an Eagles fan. I will be overnighting another eagles jersey just in case the other one is too small. Just can't have the Dolphins stuff.(ha,ha)

Anonymous said...

A man can always dream:)Danielle I just wanted to let you know which I think you already do!! How much we enjoyed Ryder:)He is welcome to come stay anytime you need then there will be mandatory visits also:)!!! I miss you guys so much and will be counting the days till we seem you ALL again:)!!!

Love Mom:)