Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Little Something to Make You Smile :)

Yesterday we finally got Ryder's one year old pictures done... yeah he was 13 months and 1 day, but he still looks the same and we moved so the twelve month ones just didn't happen! I so wish we had a home to order some of these prints and hang them on the walls, but they will be stored on my computer for the day that opportunity arises. You can bet when it does happen the walls will be covered in pictures of my little man :)

Ryder was SO well behaved for these pictures! I only brought this one outfit and his halloween costume because I really figured we would be lucky to get good pictures of even the one outfit! We probably could have taken pictures for hours he was loving it so much! The Halloween pictures are in hiding until... well... Halloween! Duh! They are SO precious though! So be excited!!

Note to Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and Great-Great Grandma:

This last picture has already been printed off and will be in the mail to you this week! YES... I got pictures printed off and you can have a real photo copy and not just pictures on the internet! I hope you all are very proud of me :)


Anonymous said...

How did you ever choose the one to give to grandparents? They are all so good!!! Do you remember when your mom, Cheri and I would round up all the cousins and get the group photo taken??


Melissa said...

He is a handsome little man!!!

Aunti Ally said...


Anonymous said...

DEFINATELY made Grammy smile:)!!! xoxox

Love you