Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Boy and His Ball

One of Ryder's favorite things to do with us is throw his basketball and play catch (thanks for the basketball Lisa and Chris). We have spent countless afternoons throwing the ball back and forth with him. This afternoon he was being silly so I got the camera out (since i've been pretty awful since we've be here) and got some cute pictures.

I've never seen him look more like Derrik then I do in this picture!

This is one of Ryder's silly new faces we get all the time.

He makes it when he's done something he's not thrilled about... pretty silly boy!

This is why there is nothing on these shelves in his room

"Ugh Oh! The basketball went under my bed! Can I reach it?!"

"What do I do Mom?"

"Ok yeah I think I can get it"

"Yup got it!!!"

"Found some blocks while I was under here too!"

"Listen here basketball... stay out from underneath there please!"

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Great pictures! I can't belive he crawled under his crib. :-)