Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Reds New Facilities

Yesterday Derrik and I went out for a drive and headed over to the Reds new spring training/rehab facility. This new complex which the Reds are sharing with the Indians is literally in the middle of no where! Luckily not to far away from the busy towns, but still just in the middle of the desert. The only thing near by is an airport with huge plans thats appears to be deserted, a storage place, and a pizza joint. I'd like to see the sales that pizza joint brings in during spring traing, but there is nothing else around!!! The complex is set up into three majors sections.

There is one large field with a stadium that the big league games will be held at during spring training. The stadium isn't that impressive from the outside simply because there isn't much to see. The field and all the seating are in the ground... it looks as if they dug a big hole and put the field down in it. This was solely observing from a drive by though. I'm sure it is gorgeous on the inside.

Sorry for the awful photography... it was all taken with my iPhone. With no baby around the camera gets left behind!

This is a view of the front entrance to the big league field. We were kind of close up on it, but this a fountain with some weird baseball lookin' statue.
To the left of the entrance. All of the walls are done in Reds logo and pictures of some of the players. The other side is done in Indians stuff.
Close-up of the Reds logo on their side
An awful attempt at a picture of the score board
The other two sections of the complex are about a mile down the road. They appear to be identical from the road. One side being the Reds and the other being the Indians.
The Reds minor league facilities
Derrik checking out the new work facilities
The side wall of the minor league clubhouse

Our overall feeling of the place was that we weren't that impressed. It was nice and all, but I think after a two 1/2 day trip across the country, being far way from friends and family, dealing with this awful heat, missing our baby, and a move that nearly drained our bank account... lets just say we were expecting A LOT! We are sure that the whole place will look a little nicer on the inside and when there are actually people around.

Side note for any Reds wives/fiances/girlfriends: On our journey to find some food the other day we ran past the mall. I have not managed to make it in yet, but the Forever 21 was was soooo big that there name was on the outside like the other huge department stores and was on the directory when you pull into the parking lot with the Dillards and Food Court!! I saw that it was two stories when I looked it up! Hurry up girls... Ryder and I need some shopping partners!!!


Lea Liz said...

Looks super nice!! But I'm so confused.. is it the reds as in Cinncinatti Reds???? what Reds?? lol

The Lutz Family said...

Yes the Cincinnati Reds... he plays basell for their minor league teams...hopefully the big league team in a couple years!