Friday, September 18, 2009

A Crib Explosion

This morning Derrik had to get up earlier then he has been (starts back to rehab on Monday woohoo!) to go meet up with someone for breakfast about a potential job opportunity. I told him to come into Ryder's room with me to get him up for the morning because he is always so cute and so excited to know he has finally gotten me out of bed and into his room. It is hard work for the little man since he is so good at playing in there and this momma hates getting up! We walk in and both sit on the bed to talk to him as he is dancing in his crib for us. I see what appears to be a cut on his forehead and say "Oh No Ryder! Did you cut your head?". It was still kind of dark in there with the shades drawn so I got up to examine closer... look down... and see it! Poop everywhere! Yes it was poop on his forehead!!! UGH YUCK! Derrik immediately says, "I gotta go shower or i'm gonna be late!" and ran out of the room like coward. I was stuck cleaning up the mess and actually didn't even gag once. How do I get the first poop in the tub and first crib poop all in one week? Lucky Momma right here!!!

And there has been a request from back home for a picture of Ryder in his tie-dye shirt we had made when I went to Cape Cod to pick him up a couple weeks ago. This is the best one out of like ten attempts on my phone... take it or leave it... this boy does not pose for pictures anymore!


The Smith's said...

SO FUNNY! Love the tye dye too!

The Stevens Family said...

Talk about being slammed with poop lately! Why is it that Mom's always get to do the 'dirty work'. :) Too funny!

The Gardella's said...

Girl that is too funny!! I hope that Caleb doesn't give me the same experience anytime soon :)