Wednesday, September 23, 2009

RIP Jake

I had been praying for the past week or so that I wouldn't have to write this post. That somehow Jake would rally and turn back into the pup that we all still thought he was. Jake is my childhood dog that we have had for fourteen years. He never had any issues and out of no where last week started just not eating. My mom called and told me, but I always thought once this "old age" thing set in that it lasted for a while. It at least seemed that way with all my friends childhood dogs. She went and got him some really good wet food (her dogs only eat dry food) this week and she said he chowed it down. I figured it was the cure to put some hop back in his step!

Early this morning she said she heard him making some noises from his dog bed next to her bed. She said she got up to take him down stairs to go to the bathroom and he fell at the bottom of the stairs. She called for my dad and they sat on the front porch where he passed away in my dads arms. I'm so glad it happened that way and we didn't have to take him to the vet.

We love you Jake!!! RIP up there in heaven and know that we will miss you very very much!


The Smith's said...

I am sorry! So sad!

The Stevens Family said...

I am so sorry. Totally cried as I read about him passing away with your parents. At least he was at peace then, instead of at the vet or alone. I am thinking about you and your family.

The Gardella's said...

Oh firl I am soo sorry to hear this. My doggies are my babies and I can not imagine losing them. I keep praying that they live forever!

Aunti Ally said...

hey sissy~

i never thought this day
would come but, at least he passed away happy:) he will always be in our hearts:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you guys

p.s it is not going to be good when buddy passes i keep telling him he can`t do that to me:)