Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ryder's 1 Year Old Check Up

Yesterday we finally made it to Ryder's twelve month check-up. It was a little more like his thirteen month check-up, but cut me some slack... we did move the day after his birthday! By the time we got out here, I looked up a pediatrician, and we had to wait for his appointment date to approach... well it had been a month! I always dread trips to the doctors because it seems every time Ryder is due for a check-up we are living in a different state. I never know if i'm getting the mean doctor who will make me feel like the most awful person in the world or a sweet doctor who will praise me for what I do with my son. It's a very stressful day for us all usually, and luckily yesterday went great! Derrik made it home in time from his rehab to go with us and we got to ask all sorts of questions to the doctor. I knew he was ready for milk, but was just waiting for the go ahead from the doc. We gave Ryder his first sippy cup of whole milk tonight before bed while we read his book. First night without the bottle or formula.. and he went right to sleep after! We are officially down to one bottle a day which comes int he middle of the night... we plan on being strong and not giving him this one either. We discussed lots of food habits. I think we were on the same page as the doctor and are doing a pretty good job. He just stressed to push the fruits and veggies, and he said anything else of top of that is just extra. He did tell me to try to start pushing more water instead of juice. Ryder will pretty much drink anything so we're going to start doing just water at home, and juice when we have to if we are out and about.

After our long talk with the doctor, the mean nurse came in to give those awful shots! Ryder got four yesterday and then was sent up to the third floor to get blood drawn!!! Poor guy! He cried only during the actual shots and during the actual blood being drawn, but calmed right down after both. We had no fever from the shots and his thighs appear to be fine. They said one can make his leg really sore. He has a little bruise on his one leg and on his arm from where they took the blood. We were sure to give him lots of extra loving yesterday afternoon!

All Done... Notice his arm bandage from his blood being drawn :(
Sporting his "I had a blood test" sticker
Four shots and blood drawn... One Tough Boy!


I almost forgot the stats! Ryder was 31.75" tall (90th percentile), 24.1 pounds (50th percentile), and his head circumference was 19" (90th percentile). The doctor actually said he wouldn't mind seeing Ryder gain a little weight! He wasn't concerned about it by any means, but said because he is so tall he could use to put some weight on! So we'll be offering Ryder all the food he wants... too bad his Mommy isn't be told the same thing!

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