Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our New Home Away From Home

My mom wanted to see some photos of our place... so here ya have it! We found a funished two bedroom/two bathroom condo for our nine month stay here in Arizona. It has worked out great for us so far. Let me see if I can make this simple...

A picture of the entry from the living room.
The door on the left is the entry.
The door on the right is the laundry room
(forgot to get pics of that.. new washer/dryer and spacious!)
Just to the right is the entry to our room.
The left counter space is the kitchen.
Our room.
Bathroom and closet are to the left.
Slider to the right.
Our room from by the slider.
The mirror is the door to the closet.
Forgot pictures of our bathroom... so try to get a peak from this pic
Our room from the bathroom
Our closet... notice no pack 'n play :)
The living room from the edge of the entry way by the bedroom.
Kitchen is to the right.
Living Room from the Kitchen
Living room from one of the corners.
Our master bedroom is just behind that couch...
That is the laundry room door you see...
getting it? :)
Kitchen from the living room.
The hallway to the left is to Ryder's room (left) and the 2nd bathroom (right)
The door in the kitchen is our pantry.. haven't had one of these since we left home!!!
Kitchen from the 2nd bedroom/bathroom hallway
That is our bedroom door you see
Ahh... a pantry :)
The hallway to Ryder's room and bathroom
Ryder's room
Yes it is purple and green... No we can't paint it we are only temporary renters
This bed is such a blessing!
It's like a huge changing table for Ryder!
Ryder's room from by his crib
Looking into the kitchen
The kitchen being so close is great because he plays in there while we cook dinner :)
The second bathroom
Also known as our animals feeding/potty station :)
I hope that wasn't too confusing!!!


Brittany Wood said...

I love it! My favorite part was all of the food in the pantry. How nice it must be to go out and actually full out grocery shop since you are going to be there for an extended period of time. I'm so jealous!

The Stevens Family said...

Beautiful place! And the pantry- such a blessing! Oh the baseball days of shoving food into cabinets and on top of the fridge...forgot how much fun that was! Great set up for the next 9 months. Happy Rehabing!

Holly K said...

Great photos, what a beautiful apartment! I found your blog through the BlogFrog network and wanted to say hello and welcome. So nice to discover your site. Hope you enjoy your 9-month stay in Phoenix!

Holly (co-founder TheBlogFrog)