Thursday, September 17, 2009

The New Place

Yesterday while we were out driving... we do a lot of this these days in the afternoons for the whole famillies sanity until Derrik goes back to rehab... We decided to drive by where the Reds new spring training/rehab facilities are. Usually it just looks like a ghost town out there, but yesteday there were quite a few cars and stuff. We ran into a few staff that Derrik knew and got an amazing tour of the whole place! All the way down to the owner of the Reds office! Not too shabby huh?! This whole rehab thing kind of has some perks :)

The inside was amazing. I couldn't compare to the old one because I've only been through the front door once, but Derrik seemed to be VERY impressed! There are two minor league locker rooms and a HUGE major league locker room! The workout room and training room I think he was most impressed with. They even had hot and cold whirlpools... two of each! They had a swim in place swimming pool! There cafeteria was basically like a full restaurant. Flat screen tvs for days... literally boxes lining the halls of 60" tvs! A lot of the offices had their own showers... it was just craziness. The view from the deck up on the second level was so amazing! You could over look all of the fields. They had huge grills, super nice patio furniture... looks like a place to have a party instead of play baseball! And MOST importantly wives/fiances/girlfriends of the Reds.. they are waiting on the covered tents to go over the bleachers to the fields! Can I get an Amen!!!

P.S. - We started on Monday asking Ryder where his nose was and showing him. He officially knows where his nose is four days later! So proud :)

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