Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Road Trip Pictures

We made it! The lease is signed, the cars are unpacked, and we are officially residents of the extrememly hot state of Arizona! I'll begin with telling you that when we ran for lunch yesterday afternoon the car said it was 114 outside! When we ran for dinner at about 8:30 last night (it was dark out.. and had been for a while) it was 104! It literally feels like a sauna!

The place we are renting is gorgous.. love it! It feels like home already! It is decorated exactly how our home is decorated.. we even have some of the same stuff! It has two bedroom and two bathrooms! It was hard to look at the closet in the master and not think "ok... how are we going to fit the pack 'n play in here?". Ryder has his own room, closet, and bathroom!!! We are going to head out to Babies 'R Us this week and even get him a crib! The animals are adjusting great. They all seem to be unharmed by the extremely long trip... I think they are use to this by now! We are still unpacking our bags so i'll get some pictures of the place up later this week, but until then I put up some pictures of our trip across country. Some of them might be boring to you so you can skip over them, but Derrik and I want our extremely long trip documented...so bare with us :)


A gorgeous rainy sunset in Louisiana
Chloe and I got to make up for lost time in the car for two 1/2 days with no baby

Close to home for Derrik... we passed a lot of Fredericksburgs

80 MPH! Never seen it this high.... my brother could live here!
"Are we there yet?!" Out of nowhere... in the middle of hours of desert... were these things... seen them before on tv... for wind power correct? Electricy through wind? Not sure what needed electricty out there since there was nothing, but hundreds of these things for a good mile or so
And the things I talked about in an earlier post... how out of no where a mountain goes straight up, across, and right back down... soo odd! Our car transport at a gas station in the middle of no where Picture in the middle of no where Scenic overview... Texas... Around sunset
My husband... such a great job driving :) Texan Sunset So gorgeous out there!
See ya later... longest day ever spent in the Texan desert!
Nice Huh?
This stuff is all just crazy!
I can't describe to you how amazing it felt to see this!
Home Sweet Home... Right? Kinda?
For a little while anyhow :)
And We Made It!
At the border
Our New State Flag!
Poisonous Snakes and Insects Inhabit this Area!
This stuff is ridiculous! We're did we move to?
Chloe trying to figure out where she is suppose to go potty?!
She is doing great... but sometimes gets the sidewalk instead of the rocks... hard to tell the difference!
Some mountains made out of boulders... we went through like a whole mile of this it was crazy! Almost looked fake!
The Finish Line Flag Never Looked So Sweet!
Our Exit!! WooHoo
Cardinals Stadium is in the background... the big white dome
The sweet welcome basket the owner of the condo we are renting left us. It is SO nice to have a nice place to live with a nice owner! It was such a nice change to have someone buy Chloe treats instead of us trying to hide her!

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The Stevens Family said...

Love the pictures! And poor Chloe having to potty on the sand :) Too cute!