Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh So Many Titles....

It is crazy to me how days go by where I have nothing to take pictures of, nothing to blog about, and just nothing to say. Then times come where I constantly feel like I need to be documenting my little man's every move and feel like I could post three blogs a day. Well I'm tired of posting three blogs a day so I'll just sub-title inside of one blog :) First off though I leave you with a picture of both my boys with their new haircuts and spiky hair. Gosh they know how to make their Mommy/Wife happy!

I love you boys!
Sub-Title #1: Christmas for $5.99?!
Today we went on a hunt for a cheap second car seat. We want a car seat for Derrik's car so we can drive it every once in a while to try to watch our miles on the SUV. We have to use our leased SUV while we drive our long journeys between our many moves while our car that we own sits on a trailer being towed. So needless to say we'd love to drive around our car and let our SUV rest a little, but we are always too lazy to switch the car seat over. Anyhow... we went to a couples stores, Good Will and one like Good Will (not sure of the name), to try to find one. No such luck on the car seat, but we did find a truck that made Ryder go VROOM VROOM! It was love at first site for him! When we tried to put it back on the shelf, but he FREAKED out!!! It was only $5.99 so we decided to make the purchase. I told Derrik I wanted to disinfect it before he was allowed to play with it. When we walked through the door I put Ryder down and ran for the Clorox wipes. Ryder literally laid on the floor flailing himself around screaming while Derrik and I scrubbed this thing as quick as we could! Once we gave it to him it was incredible! He LOVESSS this thing! It is like Christmas or something to him! It's amazing to me how we look at all these expensive toys at the toy store and he could care less. His $5.99 truck from the thrift store works just fine!

"Hey blog world, what do you think of my new truck?!"
"Dad thinks it SOOO cool!"
"I am not sure whether to walk or crawl with this thing?!"
"Gosh it's just SOOO cool!"

Sub-Title #2: Spaghetti Dinner
Tonight was the first time I let Ryder feed himself spaghetti. He feeds himself lots, but we usually try to keep it to cleaner foods. We had lots of time to blow before bath/bedtime so we figured we'd let him have a little fun! He loved it and got great practice with his fork! He has been using his fork quite often now, and i'm so proud of him using it for it's real purpose. He has a hard time getting it on the fork, but lets me help. He then feeds it to himself very well.
Doing a great job with the fork
Concentrating SOOO hard to get the food on the fork
"Noodle where did you go?"

Sub-Title #3: A Poopy Mess!

It happened!!! We made it twelve and a half months before our first poop in the tub. It all came to an end tonight, but not after another HUGE first! Ryder was in the tub tonight and out of no where starts standing!!! He has only stood to this point when I would balance him, and it would only last maybe two seconds. Tonight he's just standing there... maybe lasted like ten seconds and then he sat down. He actually sat... didn't fall. I freaked out telling Derrik and figured it was a fluke... until he did it again! At this point of course I got Derrik in there and had the video on my phone ready to go as soon as he started doing it. Well... it didn't happen again :( I'm sure it will... when I don't have my camera again. While I had my phone ready to roll Ryder decided to take his first poop in the tub. Thanks for giving me something to record bud. I went back and forth on whether to put that video up and figured I probably have scared him enough with the stuff I put on here, and we'll save that video for our personal files. I did get a cute video of him being goofy before the big poop.
Enjoy :)


The Stevens Family said...

Lots going on lately! I just love the picture of Ryder 'concentrating' on getting his food on the fork. He is becoming such a big boy! Love the truck too! We have a few baby-thrift stores here that are pretty decent (..but would still disinfect all that comes from there). Actually took some of Connor's "baby stuff" to some to maybe make a little profit :). Keep the pictures coming! Just love his new haircut!!

The Gardella's said...

That's awesome that you have made it 12 months without Ryder pooping in the tub. Caleb is six weeks old and it has already happened three times! haha Ryder is adorable with his spiky hair.

The Smith's said...

Love the truck, and love the spiky hair!

Lindsay Crider said...

OMG! Where is the pause button on him?!?! I cant believe how big he is getting! Love the truck and how good he was saying mama in the video! And for the record, my mom has photos of my first poop in the bathtub that she loves to show...the funny thing is my brother is in the tub with me!! HAHA Miss you!